We are involved in the entire project, from initial planting suggestions to final delivery of your plants. We can also advise you on how to place the plants. Thanks to our personal approach, we have succeeded in satisfying the requirements of our customers throughout Europe for more than 20 years

  • Planting advice

    We offer construction contractors and garden designers specialised planting advice. We know exactly which type of plants will suit you and your garden. We use our specialised knowledge of garden and landscape design to transform your ideas into specific plans.

  • Selection

    Most of our activities focus on growing plants and selecting plants of the highest quality from suppliers. We keep you fully informed of the selection procedure so that you can be sure that the most suitable plants are chosen. You are more than welcome to join us in marking the selected plants.

  • Transport

    We ensure that your plants are transported to the location of your choice. The excellent partnership we have with our shipping company means that we can deliver plants to any destination you require, and always have the right equipment available.

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