Instant Border is an Urban Trees product which consists of supplying a comprehensive range of preselected and matched perennial plant borders. The costumer can make a selection from various assortments which are delivered to the target destination. The Urban Trees Instant Border makes it significantly easier to create a complete perennial plant border which the plants collectively form a balanced whole. 


This Instant Border is particularly suitable for small surface areas and characterised by a modest number of perennial plant varieties. It is a stylish, mainly pink and white border with a romantic look and feel.

  • Height: 70 – 110 cm
  • Colours: Red, pink and white
  • Position: Sun and partial shade
  • Soil: Dry to moist
  • Main varieties: Aster hybride ‘Twilight’, Echinacea ‘Augustkönigin’, Veronica longifolia ‘Schneeriesin’
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